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12-13oz Seascape Mugs (#9, #10)
12-13oz Seascape Mugs (#9, #10)
12-13oz Seascape Mugs (#9, #10)
12-13oz Seascape Mugs (#9, #10)

12-13oz Seascape Mugs (#9, #10)


My most popular color way of all time, Seascape features beautiful blue and foamy white glazes that interact with each other slightly differently each time. There are a range of blues from light to muted to bright to dark.

The liner glaze is a satin white, designed specifically as a liner glaze; however please note that it may discolor a little over time, especially if you drink your beverages without milk. This is normal and not a fault.

I have a bunch of Seascape mugs listed in this updated, so please check each pair of listings to choose your favorite mug. There is a range of sizes, shapes, and designs. Please note that each mug is available individually, not as a pair.

The options shown here are:

#9 Left: 13oz, regular handle

#10 Right: just under 12oz, regular handle

The final photo shows a grouping of several Seascape mugs which may or may not include the exact options in this listing.


Please note that all goods are made by hand and as a result may display slight irregularities or imperfections. These marks celebrate the hand of the maker. If you prefer a guaranteed "perfect" product, there are plenty of high street solutions out there!

Additionally, please note that measurements (in inches, or fluid oz) are approximate and rounded up or down to the nearest sensible measurement: the nearest oz or nearest half inch.