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$12 flat rate US shipping ~ free pickup in Beverly, MA FLAT RATE SHIPPING US $12 / CANADA $30 ~ FREE LOCAL PICKUP IN BEVERLY, MA



Why is shipping so expensive?

Ceramics are heavy, and need to be very well packaged to (hopefully) survive their long and turbulent journey.

I've tried to make shipping a fair price. Most of my customers purchase two or more items, which means you're likely paying less than it will cost me to mail your goods to you. The more items you purchase, the bigger the difference between what I pay ($$$) and what you pay ($).

This is my first time trying flat rate shipping. It's how I prefer to shop, so that I know the costs upfront, but please pass along your feedback!

Can I pick up locally to save on postage?

Absolutely! I'm usually able to have your order ready for contact-free pickup with 24 hours. Please email me as soon as you've received your order confirmation with the day and time you'd like to pick up. I will then let you know if it's possible (almost certainly) and if not we can figure out a new time.

What about local delivery?

I deliver to a handful of Boston zip codes for a flat fee of $5, with a minimum purchase of two items. Please contact me to see if I'm able to deliver to your address; if so I'll send over a coupon code that will effectively cut your shipping rate down to $5. If you message me after placing your order, we'll figure something out so don't worry too much!

Can you ship my order tomorrow?

If you need urgent delivery of an order, please reach out in advance to see if it's possible. In general I ship all orders following the close of each shop opening period - so if you purchase goods when they first become available, they will likely ship around a week later.

I have decided to ship all orders at once as it is more efficient for a small business, and means I can spend more time creating and less time on admin!

Do you ship to Canada, the UK, etc?

I'm starting small and local(ish) with shipping only within the US, and to our friendly neighbors in Canada. However, if demand warrants it, I will look into adding additional countries in 2020. Please contact me if you'd like to purchase my products from outside of the US so that I know that there is interest!

How will my order be packaged?

Ceramics are fragile and so unfortunately need a substantial amount of packaging to keep them safe in transit. However, there are now some wonderfully green solutions available for packaging, including an awesome compostable replacement for bubblewrap called Ranpak Geami WrapPak. This forms the inner layer of your package.

The vast majority of my shipping materials are recycled, recyclable, and compostable. They are mostly made of recycled brown paper and cardboard. Even my shipping tape is water activated reinforced kraft tape.

I encourage your to reuse the packaging if you are able. On occasion, when shipping larger pieces and multiples, I may reuse boxes and packaging from purchases I've made (and if you see any plastic, it is being reused from packages I've received!)

In larger boxes, I use starch peanuts to cut down on the weight; these peanuts are much more environmentally friendly, and dissolve in water! If your peanuts do not dissolve in water, they will be reused from a package I received myself.


Do you offer gift certificates?

I don't offer gift certificates in my online store, however you can message me to arrange a gift code via Venmo or PayPal. Gift codes are good for 12 months.

Do you offer returns or exchanges?

Unfortunately, all sales are final. However if your piece arrives damaged, please let me know immediately so that I can make a new one for you or refund your order.


Unless stated otherwise, items are food safe. They are also fine to use in the microwave, and while you can safely wash them in the dishwasher, I strongly recommend washing by hand.

Raku pieces are not food safe, and should also not be used for the containment of any liquid as the clay does not become vitrified when fired in this way. Raku pieces are best suited to the containment of dry non-food goods, or simply enjoyed decoratively. I like to use them as tea light holders, or as vases for dried flowers and greenery.


Do you offer in person wheel throwing or hand building pottery classes in Boston?

Not yet! But I'm hoping I will be able to from summer 2020 onwards. Please reach out if you'd like to take a class and I can give you more info and/or refer you to someone who is able to help sooner.

Do you take commissions?

Potentially ... but it very much depends on what you're looking for.

If you love one of my pieces and would like multiples, that is likely something I can offer. Ditto if you have a request for a certain item type that isn't already available (for example if you'd like to purchase a set of coasters in my style of ceramics).

If you have a specific design in mind that you've seen elsewhere, then no.

What is your favorite thing to make?

I love cylindrical forms; I spent my first summer in ceramics throwing 100 cylinders to practice form and improve my throwing. I love working with the basic cylinder shape to create more complex forms, including lidded jars and two piece planters. I also love making mugs (I have collected mugs for many years). I really love that there is so much variety in pottery also; if I want a break from making cylinders, I make bowls or hand build.

What do you least enjoy about pottery?

Glazing! I actually enjoy the process of glazing pieces (I dip, brush, and spray, depending on the piece) but I get anxious about making decisions. It is also very time consuming - especially when I brush on or spray glaze. Plus, the resist work I do is intricate and time consuming. I'd much rather be throwing or trimming!

Is this your full time gig?

No, pottery is a secondary business for me; I'm a full time documentary wedding and family photographer. However flexible hours and working for myself mean I'm able to access the pottery studio for at least an hour or two most weekdays, something I am incredibly grateful for!