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20oz Freckled Stripe Mug (Second)
20oz Freckled Stripe Mug (Second)
20oz Freckled Stripe Mug (Second)

20oz Freckled Stripe Mug (Second)

$45.00 $35.00


This huge mug contains almost 20oz of liquid to the rim, but it's so light in the hand that you'd never think it was quite so huge!

Marked down in price as a slight second, due to an off-round rim (nothing major but it is quite noticeable when you look down on it from above).

Glazed in Freckled with a bold graphic stripe on both sides (great for lefties too!) and made with my lovely warm brown speckled clay for double the freckles!


Please note that all goods are made by hand and as a result may display slight irregularities or imperfections. These marks celebrate the hand of the maker. If you prefer a guaranteed "perfect" product, there are plenty of high street solutions out there!

Additionally, please note that measurements (in inches, or fluid oz) are approximate and rounded up or down to the nearest sensible measurement: the nearest oz or nearest half inch.