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More Spoon Rests
More Spoon Rests
More Spoon Rests
More Spoon Rests
More Spoon Rests

More Spoon Rests


I'm excited to offer spoon rests for the first time!

These humble pieces are probably our most used functional kitchen pieces; and because they look lovely, they can sit out on the counter ready for their next use. I highly recommend these as gifts; even if you already have a spoon rest, you can always use a second - we have three that we cycle through regularly.

In order from top to bottom (excluding the first photo):

Bluebell - soft satin light blue glaze, one of our bestsellers - 4.75" across

Satin White Small (left) - simple satin white glaze - 4" across

Satin White Large (right) - simple satin white glaze - 4.25" across

Black & White - overlapping black and white satin-matte glazes - 4.5" across

Glossy Deep Blue - my current favorite shiny glaze, a rich and variegated gloss blue that breaks brown on the edges - 4.25" across

More spoon rests here.


Please note that all goods are made by hand and as a result may display slight irregularities or imperfections. These marks celebrate the hand of the maker. If you prefer a guaranteed "perfect" product, there are plenty of high street solutions out there!

Additionally, please note that measurements (in inches, or fluid oz) are approximate and rounded up or down to the nearest sensible measurement: the nearest oz or nearest half inch.